A Chance Meeting

The Party Meets

The Beginning

The party arrived at an Inn in Lusk, after being given orders to do so by their new employer “The Faerun Adventuring Guild”, an adventuring guild that is currently hiring young adventurers. The members of the party are all new recruits that have been put into an adventuring troupe, and are meeting for the first time at the inn.

The members of this new troupe were:

Ealcy Edann
Pepper of the Hydrodynamics Guild
Rad’dan Murz’bur
Rascal Talon
Seraph Steelangel
Thistleknot Timberhead
Vanisia (Ivanka) Padran
Zaric Leofro

After having a lengthy (and at times heated) discussion, the newly formed adventuring troupe decided to call themselves “The Order of the Pillars”, and started to surmise on what their first job would be.

They didn’t have to wait long to learn what that would be, as a higher ranking member of the guild soon showed up to give it to them. Elfhor, as he introduced himself, was a human ranger, who explained to them what their first job would be.

They were told to travel to the area around the town of Duvik’s Pass, there to look for a rich merchant’s son named Glenn, who had gone there to stake his own mining claim. He explained that Glenn had not been heard from for a very long time, and a messenger sent to the area had returned saying that the town had been hit with a plague, and was not willing to look into the disappearance further for fear of catching the plague.

When the party arrives to the area, they find the mining claim of the merchant’s son, but there are tools scattered everywhere and signs of battle, but no sign of any bodies. The party chose to go down and check out the town of Duvik’s Pass, before heading down into the mine.

They sent Thistleknot and Seraph down into the town to see what was going on, and they learned from the mayor of the town Cristofar Sendars, that the town had befallen a plague, and was in dire need of help. Thistleknot informed him that they were just there to find Glenn, and didn’t care about anything else. Seraph stepped in to smooth things over, by telling the mayor that they would do anything they could to help.

The mayor let them know that the plague had started a couple of months ago, and had originated from the well in the middle of town. The mayor also let them know that he had quickly identified the well as the source of the plague, but even after boarding it up and not using it anymore, they still had new cases of the plague popping up regularly. He implored the party to check out the source of the well, which is a spring that comes from the mountain near the mine.

The party then proceeded to the mine, and headed down the shaft. Upon coming to the room at the bottom of the shaft, they discovered a body underneath a turned over mining cart. Ivanka examined the body to determine how the person might have died, but needed to see more of it, and asked Rad’dan to lift the cart off of it.

This set off a trap, which dropped a thunderstone from the ceiling. No one was deafened from the ensuing crack of thunder, but the sound rolled throughout the mine, alerting the residents to their presence. The party waited to see if anything would happen, and when nothing immediately did, they scooped up the silver ore, and proceeded west to the door that was there.

Thistleknot opened the door, only to discover four snarling kobolds waiting for him. Luckily he was waiting for trouble as well, and managed to tumble back out of the doorway, and let Rad’dan and Seraph charge forth and start cutting down three of the kobolds, while Ealcy let forth a ray of frost and struck down the last one.

Searching the kobolds, Thistleknot discarded a key, which Seraph scooped up, and used to open the door to the north. This door led into a larder, where 5 more kobolds had barricaded themselves behind some barrels at the back of the room. They let loose a volley of crossbow bolts at Rad’dan and Seraph, who were standing in the doorway.

The party scattered from the doorway, and had to proceed from cover-to-cover into the room in order to attack the kobold’s entrenched positions. During the course of the battle, some barrels got broken open, and 8 rats emerged to attack anyone in sight, as well as a dire weasel emerging from a burlap sack, that Rascal had drug away to use as a projectile in the battle.

The party emerged victorious from the battle, having slayed the 5 kobolds, 8 rats, and 1 dire weasel, but several members of the party took damage in the battle, and the magic users and psion ended up using some of their spells and powers.

We left the party debating whether they should push forward down the mine shaft to the east, try to barricade the door to the area they are in, and camp to try and replenish hit points and spells, or retreat from the mine and camp somewhere else (possibly the town, risking the plague)…


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