A Chance Meeting

The Forge of Fury Part 2

The Fun Continues...

The night started out with the party rescuing two travelers from the orc’s makeshift prison cell. They were named Geradil and Courana, and were desperate for an escort back to their small village a few miles south of Blasingdell.

Seraph, Thistleknot, and Gann offered to escort them, thinking that they could probably catch up to Rad’dan and Zaric, who had already departed. They did so only because Pepper and a new member named Epsilon, had just arrived.

The party members who chose to continue were:


Having now rescued the prisoners from the farthest right of the four possible passageways, the party chose to investigate the leftmost passageway. This passageway led to a large open chamber, which was filled with what appeared to be the loot (foodstuffs, hides, furs, etc.) that the orcs had been taking in their raids.

On the far side of this chamber, the party found hallways leading away to the east and west. They chose to investigate the western hallway first, finding that it had an alcove along it’s length with some stairs leading up to an iron-bound door heading south, and at the end it turned 90 degrees and continued on another short ways, with a door leading to the west, and a 7 foot tall dwarven statue wearing real armor and brandishing a real sword and smith’s hammer at it’s end.

The party chose to investigate the door at the top of the stairs that headed South, opening it to find a foul-tempered ogre named “The Great Ulfe” and his two trained wolf pets “Vak” and “Thrag”. It was a hard fought battle, but the party was eventually victorious, ridding the world of another ogre.

The party then chose to investigate the dwarf statue, where Epsilon narrowly avoided the poison gas trap he set off when he got close to it, and Pepper was just barely able to resist the effects of.

They then carefully and quietly opened the door to the west, discovering that there were four sleeping orcs on the other side. Epsilon rode on a disc of force that Pepper conjured, in an attempt to float over to an orc and slit his throat while he slept. Unfortunately, Epsilon was spotted by a fifth orc named “Old Yarrack”, who threw an axe at Epsilon, catching him in the shoulder with it.

This awoke the four sleeping orcs, and a spirited skirmish followed, during which, One of the orcs got feared by a spell and fled the room through a secret back passageway. Once all the orcs but himself had either fled or were dead, “Old Yarrack” too disappeared through the secret passageway.

The party pursued them, discovering that the secret passageway led to one of the archer’s galleries they had encountered when they first entered the dwarven stronghold. Unfortunately, they were unable to catch up to them, and they were able to escape to whereabouts unknown.

The party descended back into the stronghold, this time investigating the hallway that continued on to the east of the large cavern with all the looted supplies. They found that it ended in a door. They decided to scout out the rest of the area before trying to the door this time, discovering that the large cavern led to a well full of murky water and a passageway barricaded with barrels, furs, blankets, etc. at the far end, and a passageway that wound back and eventually connected to one of the four passageways they had encountered earlier.

This left only one passageway of the four to investigate, the one which appeared to have a lightsource at it’s far end. This they discovered was coming from a large fire in the center of a cavern that was obviously being used as a makeshift kitchen. This cavern was unique in that it had a natural stone passageway leading directly up from the center of the ceiling, which was acting as a natural chimney for the fire.

Having now scouted the whole area that was currently open to them, they proceeded to the door at the end of the west hallway, and opened it. They discovered four orcs in this room, sharpening their weapons. They roared with fury and charged at the party, but the party made good use of the bottleneck of the doorway, and were able to dispatch them with relative ease.

With this last room now dealt with, the party turned it’s attention to the barricaded passageway at the westernmost end of the large cavern. They carefully proceeded to take enough of it apart to fit themselves through, discovering that on the other side was a portcullis which was also barricaded with furs, blankets, etc. so that it was not possible to see into the next room.

They took down just a small portion of this barricade, so that Epsilon could see what was on the far side. He was able to glimpse a Massively large room, the true breadth of which he was not able to determine. This brought back some memories for him of the stories he had heard in his travels involving the legend of the dwarven smith Durgeddin the Black, and his doomed clan.

Determining that they might need their party member’s assistance before attempting to push further into the stronghold proper, the party decided to forego investigating this room for the time being, and instead resolved to lay in wait for the possible return of “Old Yarrack”.

They decided to barricade themselves in the Archer’s Gallery to try and surprise them when they entered the fortress, but were quite surprised when after a day or two they heard some noises coming from the area of the fortress they had already investigated.

They descended back into the fortress to find that the ashes from the kitchen fire were spread all around the room by something, and upon further investigation, they found a secret door in the room with the well. They proceeded to follow the secret passage until it came to another secret door, which they then proceeded to open.

They were greeted by the sight of a “lab” of sorts and the furious roar of a robed orc who stood at a table within…


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