A Chance Meeting

The Burning Plague

Down, down, into the deep scary mine...

The campaign picked back up with the players barricading themselves in the dining room and larder where they had just fought the kobolds.

They stayed there for 8 hours in order to rest and refresh themselves, before heading deeper into the mine.

Upon beginning their descent, they found that the shaft became very steep, and Seraph fell into a pit trap that Thistleknot had bounded over without issue. This was enough damage to knock a not-fully-healed Seraph unconscious, and Ivanka had to use a healing spell to get her back on her feet. This was of course after Thistleknot climbed down into the hole and bound Seraph with the rope that Rad’dan tossed down to him, which then allowed Rad’dan to pull both of them up and out of the pit.

After their descent, the party found themselves in a huge chamber whose walls glistened with silver ore. They had just began to explore this room when 8 kobold archers and their leader M’dok opened fire on them with crossbows and spells from a ledge 20ft above them.

What the kobolds didn’t count on, was the speed with which Zaric and Seraph were able to scale the ledge leading up to them, and start mowing them down. At the same time Ealcy kept M’dok busy, allowing Rad’dan to nail him with a rather large rock, killing him.

A single kobold successfully made it down from the ledge, and attempted to flee, but Ealcy tripped him, and then she and Thistleknot held him down while Pepper interrogated him. That is how the party learned of the evil that lay below, and the fate of the miners. They also were able to learn that there were no more kobolds left alive, and so they put the one they captured out of his misery.

The party briefly investigated a secret door that they had found, which a key that M’dok was carrying was able to open. Inside, they found two kobold children huddled underneath a cloak crying, and several bags of silver ore. Pepper wanted to slay the kobolds, but Rascal insisted that their lives be spared, and he scooped them up and headed back up the mine shaft with them, returning some time later alone.

The party chose not to stop and rest this time, opting instead to head down the tunnel at the far side of the room, where a warm breeze could be felt coming from. The tunnel went down for some ways, before opening up into a small chamber that was littered with corpses.

The festering bodies of dead humans, dwarves, and kobolds all lay piled upon each other the full length of this chamber, with rats darting all about them. The party was forced to clamber over the sea of bodies to get to the tunnel on the other side of the chamber.

This disturbed some zombies that Jakk had placed there as a deterrent to any curious kobolds or villagers who might attempt to come this way. Due to a superior initiative, the party was able to dispatch the zombies quickly, and without suffering damage. Unfortunately, their time in this chamber caused all of them to unknowingly contract the burning plague, as this chamber was where Jakk was breeding the plague, and perpetuating it’s spread.

The party left the chamber of bodies, and continued down the tunnel, which eventually ended in another vast chamber. A single, jagged pillar of rock lined with glowing blue-green moss emerged from the depths of the pool within the center of this cavern. Water coursed down its side from a font near its tip, cascading into the pool below. The pool fed a wide stream that flowed rapidly along the length of the room and then under the rock wall at the southern end of the cave. Several glyphs were carved deep into the stone face of the pillar, their outlines just visible beneath the light of the moss. An eerie sense of discomfort fell on the party as they entered.

Seraph had just noticed that the glyphs were entreaties to the orc god Gruumsh when an orcish voice rang out challenging the party, and cursing their kind. Rad’dan was quick to reply in orcish (bring it on) as a large, armor-clad orc (Jakk Tornclaw) rose up from atop the pillar and cast a spell, summoning a fiendish dire snake in front of the party.

Rascal took off with a preternatural speed to the far side of the pillar, after which Ivanka cast Bless in an attempt to buff the party. Jakk hurled a potion of bane into the midst of the party, canceling and dispelling bless.

He failed to notice Rascal below him, who summoned up most of his latent psionic power to teleport a huge chunk out of the base of the pillar. Water burst forth from the new hole in the pillar, blasting Rascal across the chamber, and causing the pillar to collapse as Rascal intended.

What Rascal wasn’t expecting (and what Pepper was all too happy to explain the hydrodynamics of later) was that the water bursting forth caused the pillar to fall in the direction of the party, instead of away from it as Rascal wanted.

The pillar collapse knocked Rad’dan unconscious, and knocked Jakk prone on the chamber floor. The fiendish dire snake then lashed out with smite good and bit Ivanka for heavy damage, poisoning her. The ensuing CON damage was more than she could take, and she too fell unconscious.

Seraph then laid into Jakk with some heavy blows, accompanied by a magic missile from Pepper, and a freezing ray from Ealcy, which knocked him unconscious. Ealcy then walked up to the orc, and unleashed a burning hands spell into his face, killing him.

Upon Jakk’s death, the waters of the Wellspring visibly cleared, becoming free of the plague. The party gathered what they could off of the orc’s body, and then headed back up out of the mine. Upon passing through the chamber of bodies, Rascal noticed that one of the dead bodies matched the description that had been given to them of the merchant’s son that they had been sent to find.

Rascal asked Rad’dan to pull the body up out of the pile, but the body having been dead many days it was putrid. The skin slipped from the flesh, and the flesh cleaved from the bone, and the body could not be raised. They instead decided to take a pendant from the body, in hopes that it could be recognized, and the identity confirmed. They then proceeded to set the chamber of bodies aflame to try and quell the spread of the plague.

The party then left the mine and proceeded to the town of Duvik’s Pass, where they were greeted by the mayor Cristofar Sendars, who listened to the tale of what happened in the mines, and gave the party 800 gold pieces as a reward for rescuing the town from the plague.

The next morning, while waiting for the representative from the Faerun Adventuring Guild to arrive, Ealcy failed her fortitude save and became heavily afflicted with the plague. The party used the potion of lesser restoration they had taken off of Jakk’s body to help her, before seeking assistance from Father Samual, the town priest and healer, who had been dealing with the plague.

It took a little time, but the party all overcame the disease. The representative from the guild arrived shortly thereafter with the merchant Stefan Doverspeak, who’s son it was that the party was tasked to find. He was able to positively identify his son’s pendant, and after listening to the story of how the party had killed the orc that caused it all, he indicated that the party had satisfactorily completed his task.

The guild representative then paid them 120 gold each for their work, and indicated that they should head to the guild HQ in Neverwinter to get briefed on their next assignment.

The party departed on the 3 day journey to Neverwinter, during which they were forced to kill a crazed crocodile that mysteriously attacked them.

The session ended with the party having just arrived in Neverwinter, ready to sell their excess loot, and find out what their next adventure will be.


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