A Chance Meeting

The Forge of Fury Part 3
Fun with Stirges!

The party members who were present were:


The night started with the party facing off against the orc shaman Burdug, her two orc assistants, and Old Yarrack, who had climbed down the kitchen chimney, and joined Burdug in her lab.

Pepper started the combat off by hitting one of the orc assistants with a ray of enfeeblement, draining 7 strength from it. This was followed by Rascal dropping the other one with a crossbow bolt. This caused Epsilon to burst into song, bolstering the spirits of his allies.

Burdug healed the orc that was shot with the crossbow, but when it tried to stand back up, Ivanka mowed it down. Ivanka also managed to take out the strength drained orc also. Old Yarrack tried throwing axes from afar, but when the first orc assistant went down, he moved up to stand toe to toe with Ivanka.

Burdug cast sleep and put Pepper to sleep, and then she cast cause fear, but everyone made their saving throw. She followed this by lobbing some alchemist fire into the group, which had the unintended effect of waking up Pepper.

After taking some damage from Rascal firing his crossbow at her, and Pepper firing a magic missile at her, Burdug turned, grabbed a torch, and bolted out the other door to the great stair, amidst cursing from Old Yarrack calling her a coward.

Old Yarrack continued fighting with the group a little while longer, until he too tried to flee, and was struck down by Ivanka. The party then turned their attention to following Burdug, only to discover that the grand stair was full of Stirges!

Seeing that the stirges were deterred by fire, the party grouped together with torches, and descended down the stairs after Burdug.

Upon reach the bottom of the stairs, the party wedged two torches into the walls, thereby keeping the stirges from following them down the stairs. They descended a little further to find a fork in the natural stone cave. One path lead down into darkness on the right, with the other leading slightly uphill to the left.

It was this left path which had a stream flowing down the middle of it, which Pepper informed the party was not natural (thought it appeared to be) and Burdugs tracks appear to lead this way, but disappeared into the stream.

The party chose to go this way, but encountered some bigger stirges, and had to fight them, while being drained of their blood. It was a hard battle, but after defeating the 6 stirges, the party found their nest, along with Burdug’s corpse, and the corpse of a long dead dwarf.

The party chose to rest in the nest for a day, before exploring the source of the stream. This they discovered was the backside of a waterfall, and so they doubled back to check out the other path that had descended down to the right of the fork.

This path led down a while, before opening up into the high cavern. It was here that they could see the other side of the waterfall, and the stream it created which wound it’s way across this large cavern.

While they stood at the bottom of the steps carved into the cliffside, 4 more stirges detached themselves from the ceiling, and attacked the party. Knowing a little more about what they were up against, and having had time to rest and refresh themselves, the party made short work of this group of stirges.

The night ended with the party deciding whether to proceed with exploring the high cavern.

The Forge of Fury Part 2
The Fun Continues...

The night started out with the party rescuing two travelers from the orc’s makeshift prison cell. They were named Geradil and Courana, and were desperate for an escort back to their small village a few miles south of Blasingdell.

Seraph, Thistleknot, and Gann offered to escort them, thinking that they could probably catch up to Rad’dan and Zaric, who had already departed. They did so only because Pepper and a new member named Epsilon, had just arrived.

The party members who chose to continue were:


Having now rescued the prisoners from the farthest right of the four possible passageways, the party chose to investigate the leftmost passageway. This passageway led to a large open chamber, which was filled with what appeared to be the loot (foodstuffs, hides, furs, etc.) that the orcs had been taking in their raids.

On the far side of this chamber, the party found hallways leading away to the east and west. They chose to investigate the western hallway first, finding that it had an alcove along it’s length with some stairs leading up to an iron-bound door heading south, and at the end it turned 90 degrees and continued on another short ways, with a door leading to the west, and a 7 foot tall dwarven statue wearing real armor and brandishing a real sword and smith’s hammer at it’s end.

The party chose to investigate the door at the top of the stairs that headed South, opening it to find a foul-tempered ogre named “The Great Ulfe” and his two trained wolf pets “Vak” and “Thrag”. It was a hard fought battle, but the party was eventually victorious, ridding the world of another ogre.

The party then chose to investigate the dwarf statue, where Epsilon narrowly avoided the poison gas trap he set off when he got close to it, and Pepper was just barely able to resist the effects of.

They then carefully and quietly opened the door to the west, discovering that there were four sleeping orcs on the other side. Epsilon rode on a disc of force that Pepper conjured, in an attempt to float over to an orc and slit his throat while he slept. Unfortunately, Epsilon was spotted by a fifth orc named “Old Yarrack”, who threw an axe at Epsilon, catching him in the shoulder with it.

This awoke the four sleeping orcs, and a spirited skirmish followed, during which, One of the orcs got feared by a spell and fled the room through a secret back passageway. Once all the orcs but himself had either fled or were dead, “Old Yarrack” too disappeared through the secret passageway.

The party pursued them, discovering that the secret passageway led to one of the archer’s galleries they had encountered when they first entered the dwarven stronghold. Unfortunately, they were unable to catch up to them, and they were able to escape to whereabouts unknown.

The party descended back into the stronghold, this time investigating the hallway that continued on to the east of the large cavern with all the looted supplies. They found that it ended in a door. They decided to scout out the rest of the area before trying to the door this time, discovering that the large cavern led to a well full of murky water and a passageway barricaded with barrels, furs, blankets, etc. at the far end, and a passageway that wound back and eventually connected to one of the four passageways they had encountered earlier.

This left only one passageway of the four to investigate, the one which appeared to have a lightsource at it’s far end. This they discovered was coming from a large fire in the center of a cavern that was obviously being used as a makeshift kitchen. This cavern was unique in that it had a natural stone passageway leading directly up from the center of the ceiling, which was acting as a natural chimney for the fire.

Having now scouted the whole area that was currently open to them, they proceeded to the door at the end of the west hallway, and opened it. They discovered four orcs in this room, sharpening their weapons. They roared with fury and charged at the party, but the party made good use of the bottleneck of the doorway, and were able to dispatch them with relative ease.

With this last room now dealt with, the party turned it’s attention to the barricaded passageway at the westernmost end of the large cavern. They carefully proceeded to take enough of it apart to fit themselves through, discovering that on the other side was a portcullis which was also barricaded with furs, blankets, etc. so that it was not possible to see into the next room.

They took down just a small portion of this barricade, so that Epsilon could see what was on the far side. He was able to glimpse a Massively large room, the true breadth of which he was not able to determine. This brought back some memories for him of the stories he had heard in his travels involving the legend of the dwarven smith Durgeddin the Black, and his doomed clan.

Determining that they might need their party member’s assistance before attempting to push further into the stronghold proper, the party decided to forego investigating this room for the time being, and instead resolved to lay in wait for the possible return of “Old Yarrack”.

They decided to barricade themselves in the Archer’s Gallery to try and surprise them when they entered the fortress, but were quite surprised when after a day or two they heard some noises coming from the area of the fortress they had already investigated.

They descended back into the fortress to find that the ashes from the kitchen fire were spread all around the room by something, and upon further investigation, they found a secret door in the room with the well. They proceeded to follow the secret passage until it came to another secret door, which they then proceeded to open.

They were greeted by the sight of a “lab” of sorts and the furious roar of a robed orc who stood at a table within…

The Forge of Fury
Eradicate Orcs

After sleeping on it, the party decided to go to the town of Blasingdell and help them out with the orc raiders that have been pillaging their farms.

The party members that chose to go on this mission were:

Rad’dan Murz’bur
Rascal Talon
Seraph Steelangel
Thistleknot Timberhead
Vanisia (Ivanka) Padran
Zaric Leofro

On their journey to the town of Blasingdell, the party encountered a small group of 4 Giant Wasps that attacked their camp during the night. The first wasp managed to drop Rad’dan with it’s first attack, but got brought down by the rest of the party.

The three other wasps then closed on the party, two from the same direction as the first, and one from the opposite direction. Gann was ready for the one that attempted to flank the party, using his animal empathy ability to calm it down, and eventually convince it to leave without attacking at all.

The other two wasps did persist with their attack however, and one of them managed to take down Rascal, and was attempting to pick him up and fly away with him when the party took it down. The other one was dispatched shortly thereafter. Thistleknot was able to harvest one of their stingers for use in making a poison with it later, while Rad’dan cracked their exoskeletons open, and proceeded to try his hand at cooking them.

A couple of days journey later, and the party arrived at Blasingdell, a small mining town at the base of the mountain range known as The Crags. After visiting with the town mage, they were able to learn what he discovered from the dying orc he had charmed, which was captured in one of their raids. This provided them with a map to the mountain known as “The Stone Tooth”, which is serving as the base for the orcs raids. They also learned that the orc mentioned ancient dwarven ruins, which the mage believed might be the remains of Durgeddin the Black’s stronghold, which although it was looted long ago by orcs, is rumored to still contain some of the old dwarf smiths greatest creations hidden away in deep vaults.

Armed with this new information, and map, the party proceeded north from Blasingdell into the mountains. Eventually, they happened upon an ancient, worn trail, which led up to the base of the Stone Tooth. Ivanka noticed some humanoid tracks coming down this path and headed into the forest, but lost track of the trail after roughly a mile. They chose to make camp here, and send Thistleknot on ahead with explicit directions to write down anything that he saw. 8 hours passed before Thistleknot returned, and when he did, he reported that there were two orcs standing guard at the top of some stairs which led around, and then back in to the mountain.

The party used what was left of the daylight to sneak up very close to the base of the mountain near the stairs, and set up camp in a cave there. They spent most of the night observing the orcs, in the hopes that they would eventually fall asleep. Unfortunately, before they could fall asleep, they were replaced by two new orcs, evidently relieving them of their watch.

The party then chose to employ a different tactic, and this time had Rad’dan yell out in Orcish that he had caught a kender, and needed help “peeling” it. He didn’t do very well on his bluff check, but the orcs were so hungry that they decided not to question it, and came down to help. As they rounded the corner down to the cave, the party quickly dispatched them.

This done, the party once again decided to send Thistleknot ahead to scout. This time he climbed up the stairs, followed the path around the rock face, and approached the giant wooden doors of the dwarven stronghold. The door was slightly open, so Thistleknot proceeded inside, discovering a great chasm with a 30ft long rope bridge spanning it.

At this point, Thistleknot decided it would be a great idea to cross the rope bridge, and even after hearing a sound on the other side of the chasm, proceeded to do so. Once he was roughly 2/3 of the way across the bridge, two orcs opened fire on him with arrows. He narrowly avoided death by arrows (and by falling from the rope bridge), as he scrampled his way back across the rope bridge, and out the door.

Thistleknot ran screaming for his life back to the party, who came rushing to his aid. A great horn bellowed from within the stronghold, and Seraph noted that the horn was definitely a dwarven warhorn. Reconvening around the corner from the stronghold entrance, the party tried to decide what to do next. It was at this time that Ivanka noticed some peculiar slits in the mountainside, and boosted Thistleknot up to look in one of them. He was almost knocked out by the stench of orc breath, as he came face-to-face with an orc preparing to fire arrows on the party out of these defensive arrow balistraria.

This led to the party hugging the cliff face, and rushing towards the doors as a hail of arrows rang down on them. Rad’dan noticed the door was closing, and charged forth to stop it, making it there just in time to wedge his greataxe in the door, and prevent the orcs from closing it. He then proceeded to win the feat of strength against the orc inside, and slowly pried the door partially open. This gave Seraph enough room to charge in the opening and kill the orc inside (at which point Rad’dan threw the door the rest of the way open).

The whole party then clambered into the entranceway, where they discovered that there were balistraria inside as well. Still being pelted by arrows, the members of the party who had ranged capabilities attempted to return fire, while Rad’dan, Seraph, and Zaric headed across the rope bridge. Rad’dan was the first to go, and while crossing, the orc on the other side tried to cut the ropes. Before he could do so though, Rad’dan made it across, and managed to dispatch him.

Seraph and Zaric then proceeded across the bridge together, where they faced some very tense moments, and nearly fell off the bridge several times, whilst still being pelted with arrows. Seraph eventually did make it across, while Zaric turned back. It was around this time that Rad’dan was searching for where he had seen the orc he just killed come from, and stumbled upon a hidden dwarven door, which led to the Archer’s Gallery that the orcs were using to pelt the party with arrows.

As Rad’dan started mowing down orcs, Ivanka thought to search the wall on the side of the chasm nearer to the door, managing to find one there as well. She opened this door too, and Rascal, Gann, Zaric, and she headed through and started dispatching orcs as well, eventually managing to slay them all.

Being wary from the intense battle, and recognizing the defensive virtues that the gallery has, the party decided to pitch all of the orcs down the chasm, and make camp in the Archer’s Gallery. 8 hours passed, with the only even of note being a group of 4 orcs returning to the stronghold, and heading across the rope bridge into the darkness.

Now refreshed, the party proceeded further into the stronghold. The grand hall that they followed in started out as an ornate, perfectly carved hall roughly 30ft wide, but eventually transformed into a very beautiful, natural looking cavern, that only trained eyes could tell was still carved by dwarven hands, but made to take advantage of the natural beauties of the cavern.

After a ways, the party reached an intersection where there were 4 different branches which they could choose. Before they could choose one however, Rad’dan spotted an orc attempting to hide in an alcove. He quietly informed the rest of the party, and so Gann cast a light spell on one of his crossbow bolts, and fired it into the middle of the intersection.

This dazed the orc that had been hiding in the alcove, and caused several more to rush in from every tunnel branch, bolstered on by a large Ogre barbarian and his two wolf pets. The Ogre charged Rad’dan, delivering a mighty blow with his greatclub that nearly felled Rad’dan with a single hit. Rad’dan stood his ground though, and returned the favor with a mighty blow from his greataxe.

Zaric then moved up to assist, but was knocked unconscious by a blow from the ogre’s great club as she approached. Seraph then charged a group of two orcs and a wolf that were coming up the rightmost branch of the tunnel, managing to kill one of the orcs. This provoked the wolf to lash out at her, but she dispatched it also. The second wolf then charged Seraph from behind, and managed to trip her, while another orc charged in from one of the other tunnel branches, and attempted to hit Seraph while she was on the ground.

Meanwhile, the battle with the Ogre raged on, with Ivanka doing her best to keep Rad’dan healed, while he stood toe-to-toe with the ogre. That is, until she was charged by an orc. It hit her hard, and she chose to go down to the ground, rather than try to stand her ground with it. Gann in the meantime, kept unloading crossbow bolts at the orcs that were still firing arrows at the party from further back in the cavern.

Rascal came forward to assist Seraph, which gave her the opportunity to get to her feet, since one of the orcs had managed to daze himself, and the other missed her. Seraph then took this opportunity to charge the flank of the Ogre, finally delivering the killing blow. Ivanka then lashed out from the ground, felling the orc that had charged her, and robbing Thistleknot of yet another carefully planned backstab opportunity.

Back in the rightmost branch of the cavern, Rascal summoned up his latent psionic power, and crushed the mind of the orc that had dazed himself earlier, killing him instantly. The other orc and wolf then fell upon Rascal, trying to take him down. Seraph came back then to assist, dispatching the orc, and also the wolf when it tried to retreat.

Still fueled by his barbarian rage, Rad’dan proceeded to charge the last two remaining orcs that had been firing arrows from the back of the cavern, and dispatched them as well.

After the battle, it became clear that Zaric had been gravely injured by the Ogre, and was unable to speak, or otherwise communicate coherently, and did not seem aware of his surroundings.

Rad’dan, having arrow wounds which did not seem to be healing normally, chose to lead his friend Zaric to back to town, there to seek the help of an apothecary.

The party looted what they could from the bodies, and we ended the night with them trying to decide how to proceed from here.

Sale of Loot 4-11-14
Ivanka Padran

Ivanka sold the following loot to the Guild Quartermaster:

17.5 lbs. silver ore – 88gp
1 moonstone – 50gp
1 gold brooch with jade inlay – 250gp
3 moss agate – 30gp
1 barrel of salt – 92gp (90gp for salt, 2gp for barrel)

For a grand total of 510gp

This was then split evenly amongst these party members:

Ealcy Edann
Pepper of the Hydrodynamics Guild
Rad’dan Murz’bur
Rascal Talon
Seraph Steelangel
Thistleknot Timberhead
Vanisia (Ivanka) Padran
Zaric Leofro

You all get 63gp 75cp

Zaric Leofro sold the following loot to the quartermaster:

Violet Garnet – 500gp

This was then split evenly amongst these party members:

Ealcy Edann
Pepper of the Hydrodynamics Guild
Rad’dan Murz’bur
Rascal Talon
Seraph Steelangel
Thistleknot Timberhead
Vanisia (Ivanka) Padran
Zaric Leofro

You all get 62gp 50cp

Jewel of the North

Upon arriving in Neverwinter, the party finds the city packed to the brim with people. The city was having it’s annual spring festival, a celebration of the recession of winter, and to some degree, a remembrance ceremony for those lost in the Wailing Death a decade before.

After an hour of making little to no progress, the party finally all fall in behind Rad’dan, who is given a wide berth by many of the festival goers. It still take considerable longer than usual, but the party does eventually make their way to the HQ of the Faerun Adventuring Guild.

Upon entering HQ, they are greeted once again by Elfhor, who bids them all to follow him to one of the planning rooms in the back. Once there, he gives the party a rundown on two possible jobs they can undertake.

The first is a possible case of kidnapping:

Lord Prisius rules a small fiefdom off the main trade routes. His elaborate fortress stands on a hill overlooking his people’s farms. Many have heard of the fortress’ odd architecture. Giant gargoyles sit atop the walls. Massive statues stand as sentinels at the corners of the outer walls. A mishmash of styles and shapes forms the structure itself, as if the builders had added rooms and towers in a haphazard moment of childish hysteria. Indeed, Lord Prisius has a rather remarkable architect in his court: his daughter. Melina designed the fortress in stages over a decade, beginning when she was eight years old. She named her creation, “Dream.” The residents in the area call it “Melina’s Dream.” Cartographers have abbreviated it, over time, to Melinas. Lord Prisius’ domain has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity for over ten years. Recently, however, tragedy struck. Prisius’ daughter disappeared. One night, she happily announced to her father that she had accepted the proposal of one of her suitors, the son of a neighboring lord. The next morning she did not come down for breakfast, and no one has reported seeing her since.

Prisius has offered a reward to anyone who can find and return his daughter to him, though we are still working out the details of what that will be at this time.

The second is what I like to call an “infestation eradication”:

In the town of Blasingdell, orc raiders have been pillaging isolated farmsteads and camps in the hills north of town. One orc warrior, left for dead by his comrades, was placed under the influence of a charm spell by the town’s mage. He then divulged the location of the monsters’ lair, a lonely hill called the Stone Tooth, in the mountain range known as The Crags. The Guild will be offering you a bounty of 25 gold pieces per orc you slay or capture, plus whatever the townsfolk may offer you in gratitude for quelling the threat.

You will have this evening to talk it over amongst yourselves, but we will need an answer on which job you choose by morning, and you will need to be on the road within the week, regardless of which you pick.

DM Note:

Please respond to this post, send me an e-mail, or text me with your vote of which we should do. Whichever option gets the most votes, will be the scenario we embark on Saturday

The Burning Plague
Down, down, into the deep scary mine...

The campaign picked back up with the players barricading themselves in the dining room and larder where they had just fought the kobolds.

They stayed there for 8 hours in order to rest and refresh themselves, before heading deeper into the mine.

Upon beginning their descent, they found that the shaft became very steep, and Seraph fell into a pit trap that Thistleknot had bounded over without issue. This was enough damage to knock a not-fully-healed Seraph unconscious, and Ivanka had to use a healing spell to get her back on her feet. This was of course after Thistleknot climbed down into the hole and bound Seraph with the rope that Rad’dan tossed down to him, which then allowed Rad’dan to pull both of them up and out of the pit.

After their descent, the party found themselves in a huge chamber whose walls glistened with silver ore. They had just began to explore this room when 8 kobold archers and their leader M’dok opened fire on them with crossbows and spells from a ledge 20ft above them.

What the kobolds didn’t count on, was the speed with which Zaric and Seraph were able to scale the ledge leading up to them, and start mowing them down. At the same time Ealcy kept M’dok busy, allowing Rad’dan to nail him with a rather large rock, killing him.

A single kobold successfully made it down from the ledge, and attempted to flee, but Ealcy tripped him, and then she and Thistleknot held him down while Pepper interrogated him. That is how the party learned of the evil that lay below, and the fate of the miners. They also were able to learn that there were no more kobolds left alive, and so they put the one they captured out of his misery.

The party briefly investigated a secret door that they had found, which a key that M’dok was carrying was able to open. Inside, they found two kobold children huddled underneath a cloak crying, and several bags of silver ore. Pepper wanted to slay the kobolds, but Rascal insisted that their lives be spared, and he scooped them up and headed back up the mine shaft with them, returning some time later alone.

The party chose not to stop and rest this time, opting instead to head down the tunnel at the far side of the room, where a warm breeze could be felt coming from. The tunnel went down for some ways, before opening up into a small chamber that was littered with corpses.

The festering bodies of dead humans, dwarves, and kobolds all lay piled upon each other the full length of this chamber, with rats darting all about them. The party was forced to clamber over the sea of bodies to get to the tunnel on the other side of the chamber.

This disturbed some zombies that Jakk had placed there as a deterrent to any curious kobolds or villagers who might attempt to come this way. Due to a superior initiative, the party was able to dispatch the zombies quickly, and without suffering damage. Unfortunately, their time in this chamber caused all of them to unknowingly contract the burning plague, as this chamber was where Jakk was breeding the plague, and perpetuating it’s spread.

The party left the chamber of bodies, and continued down the tunnel, which eventually ended in another vast chamber. A single, jagged pillar of rock lined with glowing blue-green moss emerged from the depths of the pool within the center of this cavern. Water coursed down its side from a font near its tip, cascading into the pool below. The pool fed a wide stream that flowed rapidly along the length of the room and then under the rock wall at the southern end of the cave. Several glyphs were carved deep into the stone face of the pillar, their outlines just visible beneath the light of the moss. An eerie sense of discomfort fell on the party as they entered.

Seraph had just noticed that the glyphs were entreaties to the orc god Gruumsh when an orcish voice rang out challenging the party, and cursing their kind. Rad’dan was quick to reply in orcish (bring it on) as a large, armor-clad orc (Jakk Tornclaw) rose up from atop the pillar and cast a spell, summoning a fiendish dire snake in front of the party.

Rascal took off with a preternatural speed to the far side of the pillar, after which Ivanka cast Bless in an attempt to buff the party. Jakk hurled a potion of bane into the midst of the party, canceling and dispelling bless.

He failed to notice Rascal below him, who summoned up most of his latent psionic power to teleport a huge chunk out of the base of the pillar. Water burst forth from the new hole in the pillar, blasting Rascal across the chamber, and causing the pillar to collapse as Rascal intended.

What Rascal wasn’t expecting (and what Pepper was all too happy to explain the hydrodynamics of later) was that the water bursting forth caused the pillar to fall in the direction of the party, instead of away from it as Rascal wanted.

The pillar collapse knocked Rad’dan unconscious, and knocked Jakk prone on the chamber floor. The fiendish dire snake then lashed out with smite good and bit Ivanka for heavy damage, poisoning her. The ensuing CON damage was more than she could take, and she too fell unconscious.

Seraph then laid into Jakk with some heavy blows, accompanied by a magic missile from Pepper, and a freezing ray from Ealcy, which knocked him unconscious. Ealcy then walked up to the orc, and unleashed a burning hands spell into his face, killing him.

Upon Jakk’s death, the waters of the Wellspring visibly cleared, becoming free of the plague. The party gathered what they could off of the orc’s body, and then headed back up out of the mine. Upon passing through the chamber of bodies, Rascal noticed that one of the dead bodies matched the description that had been given to them of the merchant’s son that they had been sent to find.

Rascal asked Rad’dan to pull the body up out of the pile, but the body having been dead many days it was putrid. The skin slipped from the flesh, and the flesh cleaved from the bone, and the body could not be raised. They instead decided to take a pendant from the body, in hopes that it could be recognized, and the identity confirmed. They then proceeded to set the chamber of bodies aflame to try and quell the spread of the plague.

The party then left the mine and proceeded to the town of Duvik’s Pass, where they were greeted by the mayor Cristofar Sendars, who listened to the tale of what happened in the mines, and gave the party 800 gold pieces as a reward for rescuing the town from the plague.

The next morning, while waiting for the representative from the Faerun Adventuring Guild to arrive, Ealcy failed her fortitude save and became heavily afflicted with the plague. The party used the potion of lesser restoration they had taken off of Jakk’s body to help her, before seeking assistance from Father Samual, the town priest and healer, who had been dealing with the plague.

It took a little time, but the party all overcame the disease. The representative from the guild arrived shortly thereafter with the merchant Stefan Doverspeak, who’s son it was that the party was tasked to find. He was able to positively identify his son’s pendant, and after listening to the story of how the party had killed the orc that caused it all, he indicated that the party had satisfactorily completed his task.

The guild representative then paid them 120 gold each for their work, and indicated that they should head to the guild HQ in Neverwinter to get briefed on their next assignment.

The party departed on the 3 day journey to Neverwinter, during which they were forced to kill a crazed crocodile that mysteriously attacked them.

The session ended with the party having just arrived in Neverwinter, ready to sell their excess loot, and find out what their next adventure will be.

The Party Meets
The Beginning

The party arrived at an Inn in Lusk, after being given orders to do so by their new employer “The Faerun Adventuring Guild”, an adventuring guild that is currently hiring young adventurers. The members of the party are all new recruits that have been put into an adventuring troupe, and are meeting for the first time at the inn.

The members of this new troupe were:

Ealcy Edann
Pepper of the Hydrodynamics Guild
Rad’dan Murz’bur
Rascal Talon
Seraph Steelangel
Thistleknot Timberhead
Vanisia (Ivanka) Padran
Zaric Leofro

After having a lengthy (and at times heated) discussion, the newly formed adventuring troupe decided to call themselves “The Order of the Pillars”, and started to surmise on what their first job would be.

They didn’t have to wait long to learn what that would be, as a higher ranking member of the guild soon showed up to give it to them. Elfhor, as he introduced himself, was a human ranger, who explained to them what their first job would be.

They were told to travel to the area around the town of Duvik’s Pass, there to look for a rich merchant’s son named Glenn, who had gone there to stake his own mining claim. He explained that Glenn had not been heard from for a very long time, and a messenger sent to the area had returned saying that the town had been hit with a plague, and was not willing to look into the disappearance further for fear of catching the plague.

When the party arrives to the area, they find the mining claim of the merchant’s son, but there are tools scattered everywhere and signs of battle, but no sign of any bodies. The party chose to go down and check out the town of Duvik’s Pass, before heading down into the mine.

They sent Thistleknot and Seraph down into the town to see what was going on, and they learned from the mayor of the town Cristofar Sendars, that the town had befallen a plague, and was in dire need of help. Thistleknot informed him that they were just there to find Glenn, and didn’t care about anything else. Seraph stepped in to smooth things over, by telling the mayor that they would do anything they could to help.

The mayor let them know that the plague had started a couple of months ago, and had originated from the well in the middle of town. The mayor also let them know that he had quickly identified the well as the source of the plague, but even after boarding it up and not using it anymore, they still had new cases of the plague popping up regularly. He implored the party to check out the source of the well, which is a spring that comes from the mountain near the mine.

The party then proceeded to the mine, and headed down the shaft. Upon coming to the room at the bottom of the shaft, they discovered a body underneath a turned over mining cart. Ivanka examined the body to determine how the person might have died, but needed to see more of it, and asked Rad’dan to lift the cart off of it.

This set off a trap, which dropped a thunderstone from the ceiling. No one was deafened from the ensuing crack of thunder, but the sound rolled throughout the mine, alerting the residents to their presence. The party waited to see if anything would happen, and when nothing immediately did, they scooped up the silver ore, and proceeded west to the door that was there.

Thistleknot opened the door, only to discover four snarling kobolds waiting for him. Luckily he was waiting for trouble as well, and managed to tumble back out of the doorway, and let Rad’dan and Seraph charge forth and start cutting down three of the kobolds, while Ealcy let forth a ray of frost and struck down the last one.

Searching the kobolds, Thistleknot discarded a key, which Seraph scooped up, and used to open the door to the north. This door led into a larder, where 5 more kobolds had barricaded themselves behind some barrels at the back of the room. They let loose a volley of crossbow bolts at Rad’dan and Seraph, who were standing in the doorway.

The party scattered from the doorway, and had to proceed from cover-to-cover into the room in order to attack the kobold’s entrenched positions. During the course of the battle, some barrels got broken open, and 8 rats emerged to attack anyone in sight, as well as a dire weasel emerging from a burlap sack, that Rascal had drug away to use as a projectile in the battle.

The party emerged victorious from the battle, having slayed the 5 kobolds, 8 rats, and 1 dire weasel, but several members of the party took damage in the battle, and the magic users and psion ended up using some of their spells and powers.

We left the party debating whether they should push forward down the mine shaft to the east, try to barricade the door to the area they are in, and camp to try and replenish hit points and spells, or retreat from the mine and camp somewhere else (possibly the town, risking the plague)…


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